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Which Cookeo to choose? The Differences Between Classic, USB and Connect

Félicitations ! Vous avez enfin franchi le pas et pris la meilleure décision qu’il soit : Acheter votre premier Cookeo.

But you ask yourself the fateful question: Which Cookeo to choose?

The classic Cookeo, the USB Cookeo or the Connect Cookeo?

The answer to this question may surprise you, because it depends on your use, and also on your budget, but not that…

At the end of this article, you will finally know which one to choose.

What are the Common Functions

Before deciding which Cookeo to choose, let’s review the common functions of the main models.

All three Cookeo models have completely identical basic functions.

Basically, you can do almost anything with the Cookeo Classic.

Since the last updates, the three models have the same number of preloaded recipes (150) and the same number of cooking modes (6).

The power is also the same, 1600W against 1200W for the older models. Moulinex has decided to increase the power to better seize during cooking and to cook faster aussi !

The capacity of the tank is 6L for all three models, which is perfectly suitable for preparing a meal for up to 6 people.

Features of the Cookeo USB

In addition to the functions of the classic Cookeo, the Cookeo USB has a USB port on the front panel that allows you to charge additional recipes.

From here, it seems very practical.

But be careful, because you will have to buy Moulinex USB sticks that already contain recipes and you will not be able to use standard USB sticks and load homemade recipes or the recipes you have found on the Internet.

Each key contains 25 recipes and costs between 14 and 19€.

The choice remains rather limited, because to date, Moulinex only offers 6 thematic keys (Asia, Bistro, Freshness, Mediterranean, Tradition and recipes from around the world), for a total of 150 additional recipes.

Unless Moulinex offers new recipe keys regularly, you will quickly reach the limits of the machine’s USB function and you will have to switch to manual mode to make new recipes.

The USB port will then no longer be useful to you….

The top of the range: The Cookeo Connect

With its magnificent black bodywork, it will look great in your kitchen.

In addition to its look, its Bluetooth function allows you to load recipes directly from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the “My Cookeo” application provided free of charge by Moulinex.

Download the application, connect your tablet or smartphone with the Cookeo and the tour is joué !

You have access to more than 1500 recipes (for the moment), ten times more than those provided on the USB sticks of the intermediate model…

Moulinex regularly adds new recipes and users can share their recipes.

Once the recipe is launched, you can follow the cooking directly from the tablet.

The little extra is the shopping list function that allows you to manage your commissions in one click to prepare your recipes.

However, be careful with the compatibility of smartphones and tablets.

At the iOS level, the application is compatible with iPhones 4S and beyond, as well as iPad 3 and beyond.

For Android, it’s more complicated. Fortunately, Moulinex has planned a list of NOT compatible devices

With the new Cookeo Plus Connect model, you can now create your own recipes and even share them with other users using the application.

Which Cookeo to Choose, Alors ?

Between the USB model and the Connect model, if you have a tablet or smartphone, the Cookeo Connect is the right product for you.

Even if its price is higher than the Cookeo USB it will cost you less in the end.

Indeed, if you buy all the available keys, you will need to count on a budget of 97€, just for the keys. Add the price of the Cookeo USB, around 245€, that makes a total of 342€, that is 13€ more than the Cookeo Connect, with the pleasure in less to control your multi-cooker with your phone 😉

On the other hand, whether your budget is tight or not, all these functions, very nice at first but a little “gadget”, will certainly be less and less useful for you to use, and the Cookeo Classic turns out to be a much better choice in the long term. In addition, you can find it at an affordable price in second-hand.

Remember that all cooking functions are exactly the same on all models, and if you want to experiment with new recipes (there are thousands of them on the web), the manual mode will become your greatest friend.

I hope this article has helped you to find out which Cookeo to choose.