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Cooking for Neighbours, A Trend in Full Bloom!

It is no longer necessary to go to a restaurant or have a meal delivered by a chain of restaurants to eat on demand, according to your wishes. Today, we can all cook for our neighbours by offering them, at their choice:

  • order a homemade dish from a neighbour who is an amateur or professional chef as an extra
  • order a complete meal for several guests, clearly specifying their choices to the cook
  • come and cook at home as an extra chef
  • go eat a meal for lunch or dinner in a local restaurant
  • take cooking lessons at a neighbour’s house and improve your skills

All this becomes possible between individuals because the rules have changed. Indeed, it is now possible to offer the services of amateur cooks as a private individual for your neighbours. This is totally legal in the field of collaborative economics, as long as it is not your main activity in this context.

Thus, there are sites for connecting individuals. They allow cooking enthusiasts to offer and test their culinary talents in different forms.

Prepare homemade dishes for your neighbours

You can choose to cook the dishes you are used to making to order. You will first have to describe which starter, main course, dessert or full menu you are ready to prepare. And this as soon as a neighbour requests it. In general, individuals are informed that they must order the homemade dish 48 hours in advance.

In the same way, you can also act as a private caterer. All you have to do is make yourself available for more precise, tailor-made and demanding orders. The rate for a homemade meal is between €7 and €20 per share.

Welcome neighbours and tourists to come and eat at the inhabitants’ house

And you are the inhabitant! Specify which meal you wish to offer, thematic meals are very popular. Be ready to welcome your guests to enjoy your meal at home. It promises moments of conviviality over a meal!

Cooking for your neighbours as an extra chef

Are you a professional chef or very experienced? You can offer your services by the hour or by the day. The purpose is to receive requests from interested individuals for an evening, a family meal or a wedding.

Here too, it is essential to present one’s cooking skills properly. This will increase your chances of convincing them to use your services. Ideally, include a photo of the meals and preparations you have already made with your ad. The rate for a chef is between €10 and €20 per hour.

Baking cakes for birthdays or weddings

If you know how to make very high quality cakes (cake design), the following is for you. There too, you will certainly find a website to suggest to your neighbours to make their own cakes. But beware, photo essential! And if you know how to make all kinds of cakes, whatever the theme, it’s even better. Because in this way, you will be able to meet all their wishes. The rate for preparing a cake is between €4 and €6 per share.

Offer cooking courses

Your talent is well proven and you want to pass on your passion for cooking. You can offer cooking classes and workshops for half a day in general. The average rate for a cooking course is 35 € per person.

All the specialities are in the spotlight and highlighting the qualities of its original cuisine is very positive. You can discover or make discover cuisines from around the world: French, American, Japanese, Italian, African, Maghreb, Asian…